* All bowlers will pay a $40.00 membership fee. This will be paid in four installments of $10.00 each. 

* The membership fee helps to guarantee the prize fund for all tournaments regardless of the number of entries. The balance goes directly into the prize fund for the Jack Scaccia Sr. Memorial Tournament. 

Tournament Rules:

* All rules will be governed by the USBC guidelines and the on site tournament director reserves all rights to make a decision in the best interest of the NEBPONY and the bowler.

* Bowlers will have until the end of practice to enter any tournament.

* No hats will be worn during bowling. 

* No PBA exempt player will be allowed to enter.

* No PBA player with a National title be allowed to enter. (Excluding seniors)

* Each bowler is allowed to withdraw once without penalty per season. 

* A second withdrawl (for any reason) will result in not being eligible for the next two tournaments.

* Disqualification – in the event of a disqualification the losing bowler will advance.

* Bowlers that advance in the TV show and have a personal or medical emergency and cannot participate in the TV event will be replaced by the bowler he/she defeated and all prize money will be evenly split. Bowlers that knowingly or willingly become unable to participate will be replaced by the bowler he/she defeated and will not be eligible for any prize money won by the replacement bowler on the air. He/she will receive the place money that was awarded to the bowler replacing them on air.