* All bowlers will pay a $30.00 membership fee. This can be paid in three installments.  This membership fee in its entirety goes directly to the prize fund for the Jack Scaccia Sr. Memorial end of the season Tournament. 

Tournament Rules:

* Bowlers will have until the end of practice to enter any tournament. 

* No hats will be worn during bowling. 

Huck Finn Tournaments will no longer accept Competition Prize Waiver's.  Any and all bowlers that enter Huck Finn Adult events will be paid prize money, without exception.

* Each Bowler is allowed (1) TKO without penalty per season.  

* TKO number 2, (for any reason) will result in not being eligible for the next (2) tournaments. 

* Disqualification – in the event of a disqualification the losing bowler will advance. 

* Bowlers that advance to the TV show and have a personal or medical emergency and can not participate in the TV event will be replaced by the bowler he/she defeated and all prize money will be evenly split. Bowlers that knowingly or willingly become unable to participate will be replaced by the bowler he/she defeated and will not be eligible for any prize money won by replacement bowler on the air. He/she will receive the place money that was  awarded to bowler replacing them on air.  

Listed below please find a menu of Events: 

Handicap and Scratch:

*2 separate divisions – Top 2 from each division will advance to TV Show – 2 scratch bowlers bowl 1 game – 2 handicap bowlers bowl 

  1 game – winners of each game bowl for the title and championship money. 

*Entry Fee – Handicap – $10.00 in-league qualify – Scratch $10.00 in-league qualify and $25.00 plus membership fee into Sunday qualifying. 

  Re-entry fee $25.00 also if 2 squads are scheduled. 

*Prize Fund – Depends on entries 


Mixed Doubles: 

Women & men will be handicapped  


Family Doubles: 

*This Tournament will bowl on a House Condition. 

*Bowlers 220 or less will be handicapped 100% of 220 

*Bowlers may choose any person that they are related to for a partner. 


“Ken Hall” Tournament of Champions: 

*All bowlers that have won a TV Championship are eligible for this event 


Scratch Doubles:  

*Men or Women are eligible 

*A Four game qualifier across 8 lanes, 4 winning teams advance to TV Final which is bowled baker-style 


Scratch Singles: 

* Men or Women are eligible 

* A three game qualifier across 6 lanes  

* Qualifying squads are held 9:30 and 11:30 am on Sunday’s unless otherwise stated 

* Finals are scheduled for 1:30 pm or as soon as possible after the final squad unless otherwise stated 


Senior Tournaments:  

* All bowlers 50 and over as of the date of the tournament are eligible 


Over 50 under 50 Doubles: 

* Men and Women are eligible. 

* Teams consist of one player 50 or over and one player 49 and under. 


Jack Scaccia Memorial Tournament: 

* This is our end of the season Event 

* Bowlers must have earned 3 Tournament Credits and dues must be paid in full to be eligible 

* Credits are earned by entering any tournament (1) credit 


Entry Fees and Prize Fund for Scratch Singles Events: 

* Entry Fee’s:   

* Saturday Squads $35.00 plus membership (when scheduled) 

* Sunday Squads will range from $45.00 – $60.00 plus membership  

* Re-entry will range from $35.00 – $45.00 

* Many events have different prices and most prize funds will be based on entries. 

TV Rules: 

* Bowlers to appear on the TV show will arrive 1/2 hour prior to scheduled tape time.  

For Example – 4:00 arrival – 4:30*tape 6:00 arrival – 6:30 tape     

* Bowlers that do not arrive 1/2 hour prior to tape time will be seeded 4th and will receive 4th place prize money. 

(Exceptions to this rule would be health, emergency, or travel problems).  

Tournament Director on site must be notified immediately if there is a problem, not after arrival. 

* All bowlers will wear a Huck Finn Capital Region Bowling Shirt.  

* If a bowler has a ball contract he or she must present that contract at the start of the SEASON when membership papers are filled out. Contracts are annual so we must get one each year. They must be signed and dated by a company official. 

* Bowlers will wear black dress pants or khakis with a belt.  

Shirts are to be worn during practice, on air, and for all pictures or presentations on that day. 

* Any on air ties will result in a (1) ball roll-off by on the same lane. If a tie continues bowlers will switch lanes and repeat until a clear winner is declared.  


All rules for any and all phases of our tournaments and events will be governed by the USBC guidelines and the On Site Tournament Director reserves all rights to make a decision in the best interest of the NEBPONY and the bowler. 


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