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Huck Finn's Capital Region Bowling Show



SHOW # 7  Mixed Doubles Event                                

Sun Dec 6th One Squad – 10:00 am Boulevard Bowl

                     Finals approx. 1:00 pm

            TV Taping on Dec. 13th 2015 @ 6:30 pm @ Towne Academy

            TV Air Date – Dec 20th 2015 @ 10:00 am on MY 4


SHOW # 8  Singles Scratch   (Same Day Taping on Dec 13th@ Towne Academy)

Sun Dec 6th One Squad 6:00 PM -Towne Bowling Academy

Mon Dec 7th One Squad 9:30 PM -Towne Bowling Academy

Sat Dec 12th One Squad 3:00 PM -Towne Bowling Academy

Sun Dec 13th Two Squads 9:00 am & 11:30 am – Towne Bowling Academy

Entry Fee is $55 + Membership for the Squads on Dec 6th, 7th, and 12th

Entry Fee is $70 + Membership for the squads on Dec 13th

1st Place $1500 Guaranteed

2nd Place $800 Guaranteed

3rd Place $400 Guaranteed

                    Finals approx. 1:30pm

            TV Taping on Dec. 13th 2015 @ 4:15 pm @ Towne Academy

            TV Air Date – Jan. 10th 2016 @ 10:00 am on MY4


CONTACT JEFF SEGEL @ 518-439-7628